wedding | nathan + laura

This is Jessica taking over the caption. Laura is my baby sis and being so, Ian and I were involved in many aspects of this beautiful wedding.  It was an experience I’m sure I’ll only have a few times in my lifetime, which made it all the more special for me. My mom and I did all of the flowers, decor, built a cup cake tower, a bit of sewing and of course I did hair/make-up; Laura’s and my aunt Cheryl did a decadent spread of food; Nathans parents put on a lovely luncheon and provided us with this lovely and ever so charming venue, our brother Jacob provided the entertainment; and lastly, Ian did some outstanding photography per usual…it was truly a family affair! Laura and Nathan are truly so perfect together. They understand each other’s quirkiness and oddity’s and are always fully themselves around the other. We love you both so very much!!! I’ll leave you with a darling story of their love:


First met story as told by Nathan (Laura contests)


“It was a warm, starry night when Nathan decided to hit the town.  He
went to his old stomping ground, the karaoke bar on center street.  He
always considered singing, and especially karaoke, to be calming, a
way to leave the stress of the world behind him.  Tonight was no
exception, and he immediately felt the urge to get up and sing.  On
his way to the stage, however, someone cut him off!  At first Nathan
was furious, fuming at his table.  But then he heard this stranger
start to sing.  He was touched, and had to meet her.  After the song,
Nathan shoved his way through the crowd of fans, and wiping the tears
from his eyes, approached Laura.  He bought her a Dr Pepper and talked
long into the night.”


“As much as I would love for this to be our love story…
We met on a Sunday morning at, wait for the excitement, church!  It’s true!
We had the same calling and can recall vividly Nathan begging me to ditch
ward council with him.  I did not and he fell in love with me.”


Lehi, UT

Hair, Makeup, Flowers and Decorations by Jessica McDowell of Empiric Image